February 23rd Real Estate Round Up

Six Tips to Help You Manage Your Online Presence


Agents have to keep current and fresh or the clients are going to pass right on by ...

1) Have a Professional and Current Photo

2) Keep Your Profile Clean - No Agent Sales Speak

3) Google Yourself

4) Pick out What Makes Your Sales Tactic Unique

5) Content is Key

6) Keep Track of All Online Profiles and Update Once a Year

How to Use the Power of Testimonials to Land More Real Estate Deals

Bigger Pockets

Think about creating a client testimonial packet. Put togther information about the firm, your sales history and then a couple of pages of great testimonals with client contact information. This is a great boost to a listing presentation.

How to Be the CEO of Your Business


Are you planning out your year? Your month? Your day? Start each time period with an overview. Commit to your schedule for work, but also commit for your vacation and personal time.

Great CEOs run their day; they don't let their day run them.

Easier said than done of course. Makes sense to start with planning your morning - wake up, exercise, reflect, journal, eat. Starting with that schedule will set your day.

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