Leasing and Management

When it comes to Steele, we have a couple of separate businesses that can help you with any real estate needs:

Steele Residential - Residential Sales and Leasing
Steele Commercial - Commercial Sales and Leasing
Steele Property Management - Residential and Commercial Property Management 

For the leasing of your home, Steele Residential would get the home rented out for you and then (if you would like) we would turn it over to the Management Team for management from there.


With the leasing, that includes:

- Professional Photographer
- Professional Signage
- MLS Listing
- Listing on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and 60+ syndicated sites
- Coordination of Showings
- Online Application with Credit, Criminal and Background Check
- Leasing Paperwork through Digital Signature

The cost of these services is equal to one month’s rent. We will pay for the sign, listing fees, application processing and the photographer. We will also offer a tenant representative payment out of this if there is a real estate agent working with the tenant. 

After the lease is signed and the new tenant is ready to move in, Steele Property Management will take over from there. Management services include:

1) Resolving maintenance requests 
2) Collecting rent each month through easy online portal
3) Managing tenant delinquency
4) Providing monthly financial reporting
5) Coordinating vendors, HOA payment, and inspections
6) Holding and administering security deposits
7) Evicting tenant if necessary

Our property management fee is a percentage of gross revenue to the property; so, Management is only being paid when the property is occupied. The fee is the greater of 8% of the rental income or $70.00  The fee is paid monthly and is deducted from your monthly distribution.


Please reach out to discuss your Leasing and/or Management needs to learn more.